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PadRoom 2.0 Manual

A. Installation Guide

In order control your lightroom from iPad you need to follow few steps described below.

1. Download plugin from

2. Move plugin folder to a safe location on your hard drive.

3. Open Lightroom CC.

4. Go to File —> Plugin Manager.

5. Click “Add” at lower left corner of the popup and then select PadRoom’s plugin location directory  (Image 1).

6. Make sure under plugin’s name it says : “Installed and Running”

7. As you probably noticed a PadRoom has opened in system tray. This tiny application acts like “connection bridge” . On one end of this bridge you have a iPad and Lightroom on another. This bridge sends information back and forth allowing data to transfer using wifi.

Important: strong wifi connection is required.


B. Connect your iPad

Note: Make sure you follow described order each time you connect.

1. Once you have the plugin installed, it will launch simultaneously every time you open your Lightroom.

2. Make sure your host and iPad are on the same wifi network.

3. Inspect system tray application to make sure its connected to Lightroom.

3. Open iPad app and type in IP address of your host. ( You can right click on system tray app to reveal IP address or go to system’s network details). Tap “Connect”

4. After successful connection IP address on iPad app will be saved and app will try to connect to it every time you open in in the future.


C. Troubleshooting

- right click on system tray to inspect connections between Lightroom, system tray application and iPad application.

- press reset on system tray application. Note: it only resets connection between system tray and Lightroom. It’s known that Lightroom drops connectivity occasionally.

- System tray indicates that all connections are established but it doesn’t work. Close Lightroom, system tray app, iPad app and relaunch.

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